The Laboratory Of Architecture

The laboratory

The laboratory of architecture – aed. Studio – wasestablished thanks to the association of techniciansspecialized in architectural design andenvironmentally-friendly building for the execution ofwork in both public and private costumers.

Particularattention is given to the choice of materials andconstruction techniques, which would ensure an highenvironmental comfort and a considerable energysaving to the offered product.

Thanks to the constantcollaboration with the building Company PatriziCostruzioni, the laboratory is able to follow the customerfrom the design of the work to its finalization,outstanding due to professionalism and competence.


  • Architectural and structural design
  • Environmentally-friendly building
  • Interior design
  • Supervision of work
  • Security coordination
  • Expert appraisals and technical consultants
  • 3D (rendering, video editing)


Residential Complex "Colle Del Sole"

Pizeta Iniziative Immobiliari srlPatrizi Cesare Franco - Gruppo Zeppieri Costruzioni srl

Realization of the residential complex “Colle del Sole”,consisting of nr. 3 buildings for residential use, for a totalof nr.93 accommodations, included in the plan area of theEconomical and popular building industry of theMunicipality of Frosinone, “Via America Latina” sub - area.Located in Via America Latina, FrosinoneTotal amount of work: Euro 10.000.000

Architectural design, work supervision, security coordination

Internet Site

International Competition Of Ideas “I Portici”

Nuova Immobiliare srl

Project of a multifunctional complex used as living area,business premises and public spaces, in the City of Frosinone.

Residential Complex “Gli Ulivi”

Cistomers Immobiliare Patrizi Cesare Franco

Located in via S. Domenico dei Puppari, Veroli (FR).

Realization of a residential complexconsisting of nr. 3 semidetached houses,located in S. Domenico dei Puppari,Municipality of Veroli (FR).

Mastruccia Consortium

Consortium Mastruccia Urbanization

Located in FROSINONEDrafting of floor plan for thelocalization of nr. 10interventions of subsidized housingand preliminarydesign of the work urbanization in serviceof a total area of 88.480,00 cubic meters,included in the plan area of the Economicaland popular building industryof the Municipality of Frosinone. “Via Mastruccia” sub – area

Approved floor plan and preliminary design in the approval process

Residential-Business Directional Complex

Customer CO.PRO.GEST

Work completion of the City stadium and realizationof a residential, business and directional complex,located in Chiappitto, Municipality of Alatri.Total amount of work: Euro 25.000.000

Work description Architectural design.


Football Club Frosinone

Located in FROSINONEExpression of interest inaccordance with the notice dated6th September 2012 promoted bythe Municipality of FrosinoneArchitectural design of the newstadium, located in the City ofFrosinone, in location “Casaleno”,adapted to accommodatenr. 10.000 spectatorsTotal amount of work:Euro 7.400.000

Work description Feasibility Study


Customer Consortium Mastruccia Urbanization

Expression of interest in accordance with the noticedated 6th September 2012 promotedby the Municipality of FrosinoneArchitectural design of nr. 2 school campuses, locatedin the City of Frosinone, adapted to accommodatenursery school, kindergarten, primary and secondaryschool, for a total number of 5.000 studentsTotal amount of work: Euro 56.500.000

Work description Feasibility Study