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Construction Company

Patrizi Costruzioni

Growing preserving the high quality of work is themain goal that the Patrizi Costruzioni has pursued forover 35 years: hence the choice to differentiate withthe constant investment in training of their employees,in innovation in construction techniques and in avariety of services offered.

The company has expandedits structure through the setting up of the company“Immobiliare Cesare Franco Patrizi srl”, through which itproposes the direct sale of residential, business anddirectional solutions.

Since 2000 the company hasstarted to operate in the specialized field of asbestosremoval, with a qualified staff and advancedequipment. Furthermore, the constant collaborationwith the laboratory of architecture “”, allowsthe company to make use of technicians specialized inarchitectural design, environmentally- friendly buildingand interior design.


With the certainty that any kind of work will beperformed according to plans and timetable and thatany unforeseen that may occur in the most efficientway and throughout the seeking of innovativesolutions, that any difficulty will be overcome with themost conscientious collaborative spirit: these are theoperative qualities of the Patrizi Costruzioni.

The activity of the Company is aimed to the executionof public and private work, as construction ofresidential, business and industrial buildings,restructuring, consolidation and reorganization.The company works alongside qualified staff which issupported by technicians and professional figures withdecades of experience in the construction field.

Starting with the design, going through the buildingand coming up for sale, the Patrizi Costruzioni grants acomplete “customer satisfaction”, through a highcompetitive production process, with a careful use ofmaterials and technologies.

Thanks to the organizational commitment and theoptimization of resources, the company manages todeal simultaneously with multiple interventions,granting quality and reliability and total satisfaction ofthe employing parties.


The construction company Patrizi Cesare Franco wasestablished in 1975 from the homonymousentrepreneur’s passion and experience, outstandingthroughout the years as one of the most solid andimportant business realities of territory.From the very start, the mission was to realize wellcreated, durable and safe buildings and infrastructures,which constitute benefits and advantages for the whole society.


  • Housing /commercial / industrial directional construction
  • Restructuring of civil and industrial buildings
  • Public contracts
  • Restoration and preservation
  • Electrical equipment, plumbing and home automation
  • Environmentally - friendly building and sustainable architecture
  • Asbestos removal


Building renovation - Cassa edile di Frosinone

Location Frosinone - Via Tiburtina
Beginning - End work 1999 - 2000

Total building renovation of the locationof the Cassa Edile di Frosinone with the realizationof the new conference room.

Architectural renovation - Parrocchia San Benedetto

Location Frosinone - Piazza della Libertà
Beginning - End work 2006

Architectural renovation of the St. Benedict’s Church.

Ordinary maintenance - Cond. Salvetti e S. Barbara

Location Frosinone - Piazza Caduti di Via Fani
Beginning - End work 2003 - 2004

Renovation of the outside of two buildings fortrading purposes, residential and directional use.le.

Unplanned maintenance - Nuova Stelm

Location Ferentino (FR) Via Morolense
Beginning - End work 2007

Building renovation of the warehouse.

Unplanned maintenance - I.N.A. (Istituto Nazionale

Location FROSINONE Viale Mazzini
Beginning - End work 1985 - 1987

Building renovation of the industrial warehouserelated to the outside of four buildingsfor trading purposes and residential use.

Unplanned maintenance - Società Italiana Tagliaferri

Location Frosinone Via Roma
Beginning - End work 2005 - 2006

Building renovation of the outside of the buildingsfor trading purposes and school use.

Unplanned maintenance - Condominio Via Firenze n.83

Location FROSINONE Via Firenze
Beginning - End work 2003

Building renovation of the outside of the buildingsfor residential use.

Unplanned maintenance - Condominio Adige

Location Frosinone Via Adige
Beginning - End work 20007 - 2008

Building renovation of the outside and of the roof.

Consorzio Via Gela

Location Via Gela
Beginning - End work 1994

New building - Cooperativa Colle Sereno

Location Frosinone Corso Lazio
Beginning - End work 1991 - 1993

Realization of the building complex“Colle Sereno” intended for rading purposes,residential and directional use.

New building - Colandrea Costruzioni S.r.l.

Location Patrica Via Morolense
Beginning - End work 2007 - 2008

Realization of a residential complexconsisting of nr. 6 semi – detached villas and nr. 1 single– family villa, with associated infrastructure work.

New building - Pizeta Iniziative Immobiliari - Patrizi Cesare Franco - Gruppo Zeppieri Costruzioni SRL

Location Frosinone Via America Latina
Beginning - End work 2010 - 2012

Realization of a residential complex of subsidizedhousing – contracted for 93 housing units,with relevant services.

New building - Imm. Cesare Franco Patrizi S.r.l.

Location Veroli - S.Giuseppe
Beginning - End work 2004 - 2006

Realization of a residential complex divided intofour lots for a total of 21 terraced houses.

New building - Cooperativa C.M.B.

Location Aprilia (LT) Via Cavoni
Beginning - End work 1990 - 1992

Realization of a residential complex consistingof 66 houses in detached villas with associatedinfrastructure and road conditions work.

New building - Consorzio Coop. Habitat ‘78

Location FROSINONE Via Cavoni
Beginning - End work 1982 - 1985

Realization of a residential complex consistingof 5 buildings for a total of 66 accommodations withassociated infrastructure and road conditions work.